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NACK Governance

Many laws and documents govern our activities as a New York State Not-For-Profit corporation. The order from highest to lowest is: federal law, state law, the NACK Charter, NACK Bylaws, the ACA/PAC Agreement, ACA/NACK Safety Rules, NACK Policies and NACK Procedures. A NACK document may never conflict with documents above it.

NACK Documents

Our founding documents allow NACK to exist and fulfill its role as an educational and literary organization under the Internal Revenue Code and New York State Not-For-Profit Corporation Law. NACK will promote education, safety and responsibility in the sports of canoeing and kayaking – for paddlers of all skill levels – on the rivers, lakes and coastal waters of the Northeastern United States. The ACA/PAC agreement defines our special relationship with the American Canoe Association.

The NACK Charter defines the basic terms of NACK’s existence as a New York State Not-For-Profit Corporation. The NACK Charter conforms to New York State law and no other NACK document may conflict with it. Amending this Charter requires approval by a Suffolk County Supreme Court Justice and New York’s Secretary of State. First filed on 6/7/05.  No amendments to date.

The NACK Bylaws contain the rules and procedures that govern NACK’s internal and external dealings and define members rights and responsibilities. The Bylaws which the Founding Directors ratified may never conflict with its Charter, but these Bylaws take precedence over policies or procedures. Amending NACK Bylaws requires approval by its members. First ratified on 7/16/05, the present revision was approved on 4/25/07

ACA PAC Agreement NACK has entered into an Agreement with the American Canoe Association which designates NACK as a Paddle America Club. This agreement allows NACK and its membership to access liability coverage at an attractive rate. It obligates us to follow ACA procedures for event planning, risk management and event reporting as well as adhering to ACA Safety guidelines. In order to properly manage this agreement all members of NACK must be members in good standing of the ACA and agree to follow its precepts. First executed on 6/26/05, last renewal.

NACK Policies

Policies may be formulated or updated by standing or ad hoc committees and must be ratified by NACK Directors. Ratified Policies implement NACK’s purposes as defined by its Charter and have the force of Bylaws. Amending NACK Policies require approval by its Directors.

ACA Safety Rules: these rules are developed by many paddlers over many years, and reflect current input from the US Coast Guard’s small boat accident statistics. The ACA Safety Rules offer guidance for safe paddling. Adoption of these rules is a part of our PAC Agreement. These rules have been reviewed and approved by the NACK Safety Committee and ratified as policy by the Directors. All members must follow them when participating in on-water activities. Ratified 7/27/05.

NACK Membership Policy: NACK has offers various types of memberships. This Policy defines the different rights, responsibilities and dues requirements for various memberships. Ratified 12/21/05, last amended 3/20/06.

NACK Work Policy: Under NACK Bylaws, all members must perform a minimum number of work hours every year. The Work Committee has developed guidelines which facilitate planning, minimize record keeping and minimize disputes. Ratified 12/21/05

NACK TAC Program: Safety and Training are cornerstones of NACK’s Mission. Consequently, the Training Committee has set forth our Training, Assessment and Certification (TAC) program. The TAC Program details assessment criteria for NACK members of various levels of skill levels and recommends paddling areas appropriate for those ratings Ratified 9/3/05.

NACK Training Policy details the training requirements that lead to certification for trip participants, trip leaders, instructors and assessors. Members should refer to it for guidance in preparing for assessments, participating in trips and developing leadership skills. Ratified 11/3/05.

NACK Procedures

NACK Procedures may be formulated by anyone in the club, but often come from committee chairman or the executive committee. They contain guidelines for efficiently carrying out the tasks decreed in the Bylaws, the PAC Agreement, or our Policies. Amending NACK Procedures requires approval of the Executive Committee.

NACK Event Procedure: This procedure tells the Event, Activity or Trip Coordinator how to plan, execute and properly report a NACK activity. ACA-sanctioned activities must follow specific guidelines that include properly documenting participant information, collecting insurance fees from non-ACA-members, and promptly reporting to ACA headquarters after each event. Last updated 12/31/05.

NACK Buck Procedure: Members with excess work credits earn NACK Bucks that may be redeemed as credit from the Training Fund. This short document tells members to redeem their NACK bucks. Last updated 8/10/08

NACK Forms

NACK Forms help collect and report information efficiently. Forms may be prepared and issued by any group within the club and must be approved by the Executive Committee. Forms may be revised at any time and the user must check this location for the latest approved copy of any form.

NACK Membership Form: This is a reciprocal agreement between applicants and NACK. Members agree to follow NACK’s Bylaws and Policies and to be current in their dues and work commitments. NACK agrees to provide opportunities for training and for activities that relate to various aspects of paddling. Last Update 12/15/05

NACK Event R&R Form: The Event Register and Report form describes what information participants in a NACK activity must provide. It defines who must pay activity fees and provides an accounting of those fees. It is to be used with an appropriate ACA Waiver for participants who have not filed a current waiver with the ACA. Last update 1/6/05.

ACA Adult Waiver: This waiver advises participants that risks inherent in paddling activities may cause substantial injuries, even death. It requires participants in ACA and NACK paddling activities to acknowledge those risks and to release the ACA, NACK and their agents from any liability in case of an injury. Each member sign a new waiver each calendar year to be filed with the ACA in order to participate in NACK activities. Last revision 1/08.

ACA Minor Waiver: This waiver is to be used for event participants under the age of 18. It differs from the Adult Waiver in that it additionally requires the signature, acknowledgement, and liability release by the participant’s parent or legal guardian. Last revision 1/08.

NACK Buck Redemption Form: This form is used by members to request redemption of NACK Bucks earned in their Work Credit account by accumulation of excess work hours. Follow directions in the Work Policy for completion and processing of this form. This involves verification of indicated coverage levels and securing required approvals as indicated. Last revision 1/14/06.

NACK Reimbursement Form: This form is used by members to request reimbursement for expenses from the NACK treasury. Keep in mind that we are a Not-For-Profit Corporation and even minor expenses must be approved in advance by the treasurer. Expenses in excess of certain basic limits must be submitted in budgetary form to the Board of Directors for approval prior to any expenditure. Last revision 1/14/06.

NACK Flyer: Use this flyer to hand out to prospective members of the club. It contains some colorful pictures and a listing of our basic goals. There is also basic information on the organization and why it was formed. Please print this form in color if you can. Last revision 5/17/06.

NACK Float Plan: Use this form to note the participants and details for your paddling trip. Leave a copy with a friend who will act on your behalf. It is a good idea to leave another copy on your dashboard, folded in half with the title FLOAT PLAN visible. It’s not a good idea to leave it open so that casual observers can see your expected return time. Last revision 5/26/06.


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